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Teacher reflection

Submitted by (name and role)
Robert Harrison
Date submitted
1 August 2010
School name and location
Glasgow Middle School- IB Americas
School website
Context for contribution
Teacher collaborative planning
IB programme(s) involved
Year group(s) or grades involved
MYP 1-5; DP
Subject(s) involved (if applicable)

Transdisciplinary theme (for PYP)

Curricular or extracurricular?
Date(s) implemented
2006 onward
Audience for this learning engagement
Teacher planning and reflection tool

IB programme standards and practices addressed in this learning engagement

  • C.1.9 Collaborative planning and reflection addresses the IB learner profile attributes.
  • C.3.16 Teaching and learning develops the IB learner profile attributes.

Purpose of the learning engagement

To promote reflection on how the learner profile shapes instructional planning and decision-making.

Description of the learning engagement

This very simple planner invites teachers to reflect on how the learner profile can be an integral part of planning (Stage 1) and reviewing (Stage 3) MYP units of instruction, creating student-centered learning engagements, and shaping formative and summative assessments. It includes an example based on Humanities (History of the Americas), but its application stretches across the curriculum.

School’s reflection / self-assessment

The planner has been the basis for discussion among collaborative teams, the documentation of personal growth, and an indicator of areas of teaching strength and growing points. Teachers also keep the planner as a personal record that keeps teaching and learning balanced with respect to learner profile student outcomes.

Other information

Faculties and administrators might use a similar planner to reflect on or document the role of the learner profile in pedagogical leadership. Click on this link to download the planner: