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Staff meeting
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Susan Loban (Assistant Head of Lower School)
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August 25, 2010
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International School of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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Staff Development/ Staff Meeting
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Collaborative Planning: Standard C1, Practice 9
Collaborative planning and reflection addresses the IB learner profile attributes.

Purpose of the learning engagement

Similar to the New teacher orientation session, an inquiry into the attributes of the Learner Profile can form an important part of a staff meeting.

Description of the learning engagement

Place cards with the names and IB definitions of each of the LP attribbutes on 10 tables in a meeting room. Place one separate attribute card on each table. Alongside each card, place a sheet of chart paper which has been divided into two sections:
  • Our Own Experience
  • Our Classrooms and Teaching.
Divide the teachers into pairs or trios and provide each with a marker with which to write on the chart paper.

Our Own Experience:

The pairs/trios of teachers travel to the different tables displaying the names of the Learner Profile attributes. At each they have time to share their own personal experiences of that particular attribute, both inside and outside of the classroom. Encourage the teams to explore how the different aspects expressed in the definition of that attribute have been part of their own personal experiences and which parts are more or less difficult, prevalent, etc. Examples of experiences when aspects of that attribute have been absent are also useful in these discussions. Once the teachers have each had time to share they then collaboratively record on the chart paper any highlights or important points that arose from their discussion.

Our Classrooms and Teaching:

The pairs/trios use the same process of discussion and collaborative writing to explore how the attribute is articulated in the whole school learning environment and the learning engagements experienced by their students. They could also be asked to explore the question from the perspective of a student in their classroom, e.g. What might a past student say about his, or her, experience of that attribute in this teacher’s class? In this school? In this department? In this grade?

Depending on the time available the pairs/trios can rotate through the 10 attributes or each pair/trio can share the recorded points from their discussions and lead a short whole group discussion related to the attribute on which they focused.

Collaborative Planning for Action:

As an extension of the first two steps teachers could also be asked to describe how an ‘ideal’ school would operate, feel and look like in relation to a particular attribute. What would teachers, students and parents see, hear and experience of a particular attribute or the LP in an ideal context? Teams of teachers, or the whole staff, could be asked to identify these in a list.
They are then asked to note what students, parents and teachers currently experience of the attribute(s) in the whole school environment as identified in Our Classroom and Teaching section above. These are gathered and recorded by the staff meeting organizer on opposite sides of a large chart paper or screen. Teachers then brainstorm what could be done about the gap between the two:
  • What is hindering the achievement of the 'idea'?
  • What specific actions could be implemented to bring the current reality closer to their own vision of an ‘ideal’ learning environment in relation to an attribute(s) of the LP?

A ‘V’ shape can also be used:

School’s reflection / self-assessment

These can be revisited at later points during the school year or at the beginning of the following school year to revise and plan for further action.